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As a professional supply chain services provider, YCIH Logistics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Yunnan Construction & Investment Holding Company Limited. The company has past the ISO9001 quality management system certification and has been rated as class 5A logistics enterprise in China and one of leading logistics enterprises that will be strongly cultivated by the People’s Government of Yunnan Province during the 13th Five Year Plan. Meanwhile, it has been awarded the “Advanced materials enterprise”, “Top 100 logistics enterprises in western China”, “Excellent logistics enterprise in Yunnan province”, “Contract keeping and trustworthy enterprise in Kunming City”. In recent years, the scale of production and operation of the company has continuously expanded, and the revenue scale has been increasing year by year. In 2016,the business income achieves RMB 5.541 billion, ensuring to reach to RMB 13 billion in 2017 and striving to achieve RMB 50 billion in 2020.

YCIH Logistics Co., Ltd. is a state-owned holding company limited, formerly known as Yunnan Construction and Installation Corporation Material Supply Company (established in August 1965). It is located in No.188, Linxi Road, Information Industry Base, Kunming Economic Development Zone, Yunnan Province, China. The registered capital is RMB 100 million, total assets of RMB 1.393 billion, net assets of RMB 156 million. There are 160 employees, 17 functional departments and a wholly owned subsidiary (YCIH Technical & Building Materials Co., Ltd. registered capital RMB75million and mainly engaged in the transportation business).

The company has purchased materials for the Group and provided integrated supply chain management services including related storage, transportation, handling, transfer and delivery etc. for a long time. It had supplied materials for many key projects at provincial and state level such as Kunming Haigeng Convention and Exhibition Center, provincial affordable housing and renovation of shanty towns, Kunming Changshui International Airport, resettlement project for affected residents in Suijiang County, Zhaotong City and Lijiang-Shangri-La highway, as well as international aid projects such as National Stadium in Laos, Cambodian Government of Office Building and Vietnam-China Friendship Palace Project. With the leapfrog development of the Group, its business scope has expanded quickly in recent years; operation capacity, service/management level and financing capacity improved and has built strategic partnership with many large-scale manufacturers, forwarders and banks. The efficiency of “cost saving, profit increasing, management improving and risk controlling” centralized purchasing and resource integration is prominent. The company provides material purchase and supply service inside the Group on one hand, and actively explore the external market on the other hand and has made breakthrough in mineral products, machinery and other business sectors.

“It can be advanced through reform, be powerful through innovation and be successful through both reform and innovation.” Under the circumstances of “Internet+” and E-commerce, the company has actively taken part in such national development strategies as “The Belt and Road” and “Going Global” since 2016. The company seizes the development opportunity to establish a “comprehensive & ecological B2B2C2M e-commerce platform/ecological supply chain management to the whole process” (website: http:// with independent intellectual property by innovating business model; comprehensively promoting the information construction under the strategic target of transformation/upgrading, leapfrog development and World Top 500 enterprise. Supported by entity economy of the Group,the company aims to create a center related to building industry. A large B2B2C2M resource trading platform and ecological SCM to the whole process will be formed by effectively integrating resources inside/outside the Group; upstream/downstream resources of industrial chain and online/offline resources, which is based on the Group, serves Yunnan Province, open to the southwest China and facing South Asia and Southeast Asia.

At present, the e-commerce platform is being constructed, stage I “centralized purchasing+ comprehensive logistics information control system” is available from June 9, 2017; stage II “comprehensive B2B2C2M e-mall system+modern logistics service platform is planned to launch in December 2017  and stage III “big data mining” will be started in 2018.

Under the mission of “linking resources and benefiting the world”, the company  develops both domestic and international markets and constantly improves the business ecosystem of supply chain on the basis of “real economy +ecological platform”. Finally, a large scale business ecosystem driven by industrial support and cluster development with radiation effect will be established by helping the society and corporate customers to achieve all-round management and efficient operation on logistics, business flow, capital flow and information flow. Its development will surely go beyond the scope of logistics and become the driving force for constructing the center facing South Asia and Southeast Asia.